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Writing course

Here is a writing course in five parts that will help you develop your skills.




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The Toolbox is meant to be used as a resource in learning English, and an aid in working with the texts in the book. Use it as you would use the Yellow Pages in a telephone directory, and look up what you need to know when you need it.

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Evaluating Sources on the World Wide Web

Pronunciation help (American English)

Includes sub-categories such as 'Tools', 'Food', 'Medicine', 'The car', 'The house', 'Electronics', 'The farm', 'Jobs' etc.

Ressursside for Cappelen Damms engelske ordbøker

(artikler, oppgaver, minikurs osv.)

Exam skills (BBC Learning English)

Toolbox: Tracks 2

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Applications (BBC)


English alphabet

NATO phonetic alphabet

The sounds of English


Various guidelines

English message board (BBC)

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