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Bøkene som beskrives nedenfor, er tilrettelagt for bruk i videregående skole av Karin Hals. De inneholder bl.a. bakgrunnsinformasjon og oppgaver.

The Snapper

Roddy Doyle

This is the story of Sharon Rabbitte, a 19-year-old unmarried working-class Irish Catholic girl who gets pregnant but refuses to identify the father. We are brought right into the Rabbitte family and the consequences of Sharon’s pregnancy on their everyday life. Roddy Doyle has succeeded in writing a humorous novel about life in present-day Dublin. The family members are forced to stick together against the rest of the community, and as a consequence discover new aspects of themselves. The novel is also a story of friendship and genuine human relationships.

ISBN: 82-02-19318-4


Roald Dahl

In Boy, Roald Dahl has written about his memories from childhood, but it is not an ordinary autobiography. We are invited into the world of a boy who experiences remarkable things at boarding schools in England and at his home in Wales, and we also join him on his annual visits to Norway, his parents’ home country. His descriptions are fascinating – sometimes grotesque, but always written with humour and great insight into human life. These are qualities that have secured Dahl world fame.

ISBN: 82-02-19319-2

Sumitra’s Story

Rukshana Smith

Sumitra’s Story is about a young Asian girl growing up in Britain. Sumitra’s family are forced to flee Uganda during the rise of Idi Amin, and they have trouble adjusting to their strange, new life in a cold and sometimes hostile country. Sumitra is eleven years old when she comes to Britain, and in the novel we follow her through adolescence and see her being forced to lead a double life. Sumitra’s Story won the 1982 Garavi Gujarat Book Award for Racial Harmony.

ISBN: 82-02-16397-8


Mary-Ellen Lang Collura

At fifteen, Jordy Threebears had seen enough foster homes. Now he was returning to the Ash Creek Reserve to live with a grandfather he hardly knew, with no idea of the trouble ahead of him. This dramatic story of a boy struggling to find his identity is a wonderful read.

Winners won the 1984 National Chapter IODE Book Award and the 1985 Young Adult Canadian Book Award.

ISBN: 82-02-16398-6

Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck

This short novel by Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck is about two friends – quick-witted George and simple-minded Lennie. They are both ranch-hands moving together from ranch to ranch and looking for work. The novel deals with their friendship and their mutual dream of some day owning their own place. This dream is what keeps them going and keeps them together. However, when Lennie loses control of his brute strength, their hopes turn into hopelessness. This novel gives a realistic description of life on a ranch in the 1930s. It shows the characters’ struggle between good and evil – a struggle which reaches a dramatic climax at the end of the novel.

ISBN: 82-02-17257-8

Lies of Silence

Brian Moore

Michael Dillon has returned from England to his native city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he has been offered a job as a hotel manager. When he experiences a crisis in his personal life, he is unwillingly thrown into the heart of Northern Ireland’s political problems. Suddenly, he finds himself in a situation where he is faced with some terrible moral dilemmas. Whichever way out he chooses, he will be a traitor.

The novel shows how ordinary people who are not involved in the conflicts of Northern Ireland are suddenly and often accidentally thrown into the middle of them. Brian Moore has succeeded in writing a thought-provoking thriller/love story set mainly in the troubled city of Belfast. He builds up a sense of suspense which leads to stunning climax, making the book difficult to put down.

ISBN: 82-02-17258-6

The Things They Carried

Tim O’Brien

This is the story of a platoon of American soldiers and all the burdens they carried while they were in Vietnam. Not only did they carry equipment, weapons and supplies, they also carried extreme emotional burdens. The author wants to tell his readers about the difficulties and challenges these young Americans face when in service in a country so far away from home. It deals with their fears, their friendships, their anger and their frustration. The author has succeeded in capturing the war’s pulsating rhythms and its horror.

ISBN: 82-02-23694-0

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