Preface: Access to International English

Access to International English
is a textbook for the five-hour English course designed to meet the requirements of the curriculum for International English (Internasjonal engelsk – programfag i studiespesialiserende utdanningsprogram).  It may be taken as an independent course in either the second or third year of Norwegian upper secondary school. It may also be taken as a preparatory course in the second year for the more advanced English courses stipulated for the third year.

Access to International English
incorporates both texts and activities in one volume. It has six chapters:

      Chapter One: A World Language, introduces the scope of International English.
      Chapter Two: A Meeting of Worlds, deals with cultural variety and communication.
      Chapter Three: The World at Your Doorstep, looks at International English and the media.
      Chapter Four: A World in Transition, examines the challenges of globalization.
      Chapter Five: A World of Knowledge, looks at education and International English.
      Chapter Six: A World of Opportunities, deals with International English in working life.
These chapters can be read independently or sequentially. Finally there is a Toolbox which gives tips on how pupils can work with the obligatory in-depth study required of them by the course. It also provides a variety of helpful definitions, suggestions, examples and other materials designed to help pupils master this level of English.
International English is a new and exciting course in Norwegian secondary education. Access to International English will provide you with the materials you need to meet the objectives of the study plan. Within these wide and ambitious objectives we have done our best to produce a book with entertaining, accessible and informative texts and literature, combined with interesting and instructive activities. All texts are recorded on CDs and we provide a website with further materials and links. 

Access to International English
is first and foremost a textbook for the instruction of English, but it is also meant to be a portal to the international connections and opportunities English provides. We hope you will find it both enjoyable and rewarding to use.
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