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Having a call center in India is the for several global companies today. In order to meet the growing international for cost-effective, customer-oriented call centers, many organizations worldwide are these services by setting up call centers in India. But what makes call centers in India such an attractive ? The country has intrinsic strengths which make it a major success as an outsource for call center work:

  • A IT industry, with IT strengths recognized all over the world.
  • The English-speaking population after the USA.
  • A vast workforce of educated, English-speaking, tech-savvy : A boon in a high-growth industry faced with a shortage of workers.
  • Cost-effective manpower: In a call center operation, manpower typically accounts for 55 to 60 percent of the total . In India, manpower is available at a fraction of the cost overseas.
  • However, some people get deterred by the fact that cost savings are not seen immediately. Initial investment in and training can be expensive and make one believe that the promise of cost reduction is false. However, there will be savings and the fact that several global continue to set up call centers in India is proof of this.
  • The Government of India has recognized the of IT-enabled services and has taken positive steps by providing numerous .
  • The presence of most international technology and solutions would enable the creation of most advanced set-ups in this technology- intensive segment.

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