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Costly British Christmas

London's world Oxford Street Christmas lights are being switched on on Friday evening.

Teen heart-throb Peter Andre will the button to light up the busy shopping district in London's West End where tourists and Londoners will spend millions of in the run-up to December 25.

Now a has been published which suggests that the Briton spends £710 on Christmas.

The survey, by debit card company Switch, suggests that about a third of Britain's adults expect the season to cost them up to £1,000 and one in ten saves up to splash £1,500.

It is the season most look forward to, but in the spirit of giving, nearly half the money is spent on for others.

Most people say they have to buy presents for 15 people, with nearly 25% aside at least £500 for gifts.

The Christmas Bill - out of £710

Gifts - £317

Food - £100

Drink, , entertainment etc - £48

Cards - £20

Decorations - £19

Who gets the presents?

Parents of spend the most, the survey reveals. Nearly half the with teenagers between 16 an 17 expect to spend £500.

On average, people expect to spend £100 on their most expensive present. For parents this is usually a gift for their children - but the only goes one way: the survey shows that 15 to 24-year-olds spend as much as they can on boyfriends and girlfriends.

How do they do it?

Many people claim that after spending so much on gifts for so many, they cut back on food and drink. Almost 20% said they would set aside special to help them deal with the financial

Of course, there is always one way to get through Christmas with a clean of financial health. Two per cent of those surveyed said they would be out of Christmas and were not buying presents for anyone.

(BBC News)

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