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The city of Trondheim was founded by the Viking King Olav Trygvasson  997. its early years it was a major trading centre the region. the plague, the city went a period of decline and it did not become an important city again the end of the 1500s. Not surprisingly, as many of the city's buildings were made  wood, there were many devastating fires the early period. 1681 the Horneman fire, which lasted  several days, destroyed much of the city, which was not rebuilt General Cicignon made a new city plan the next year.  that time it was decided that less wood and much more brick and plaster would have to be used. The fire was a great tragedy for the people living Trondheim the time.   the turn of the century, Trondheim had changed and had wider streets and fewer wooden buildings. Now Trondheim is a bustling city.  1997 it held millennium celebrations and  the summer  2001 Princess Märtha Louise was married there.  the last fifteen years the city's main football team has won the league championship every year except 2005.

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