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The story is about a child named Vanessa father is a doctor in Manitoba’s mid-west. One of his is a thirteen year old Native girl from a nearby who is receiving treatment for bone disease . He decides that during her period of , rather than sending her back to her and somewhat abusive family, he will take her along with their family to the summer cottage for a two week .

During this time, Vanessa and the girl, Piquette, establish somewhat of a rapport, though the differences between them, mostly Piquette’s sadness and to trust, make it almost impossible. As the two emerge into , they gradually lose touch until one day when Vanessa learns of Piquette’s tragic .

Though the story is only nine pages long, somehow Laurence the experience of emerging from childhood; the way the passing of time changes one’s attitudes and . Also, it is a very touching meditation on human sadness packed with vibrant and metaphor.

Margaret Laurence is one of Canada’s best known and most writers of the twentieth century. I think we would be doing ourselves a favour by becoming with her work. This story would definitely be worth all of us “having a look at”.
(Chloe Kennedy, Canadian high school student)

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