Access Update: Where did all the money go?

Article and activities on the crisis in the global economy.

Stock brokers on Wall Street in 1929 (top) and 2008Stock brokers on Wall Street in 1929 (top) and 2008

In Chapter Four of Access to English: Social Studies an article entitled "The Anglo-American World: Riches and Rags" (pp. 219-227) examines the impact of the economies of the United Kingdom and the United States on the world. It concludes with the following sentence; "It remains to be seen if the United Kingdom and the United States will continue to be models of economic development in the future as they have been in the past." The following article addresses that question in light of the recent, dramatic events in the global economy.


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Access to International English revideres nå.

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Access Update: Flash Points in Multicultural America

Americans have been integrating new peoples and cultures into their nation since its beginning.

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Access Update: In Need of Treatment

The following article about President Obama's health care reform illustrates the American system of government in action, for better or for worse.

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Access Update: The Demise of the Celtic Tiger

The global financial crisis has had severe effects on the Irish economy.

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